Owner of Max Beauty & Max Beauty Academy.

I’m an aesthetician with 19  years of experience working in various cosmetic industries. After working in salons, spas, and dermatology and plastic surgery offices, I realized I mastered this area of the skincare industry and wanted to do more with my career.

I was hungry for more career and income freedom that I could reach with my passion for beauty.

This led me to open my aesthetician business seven years ago with the mission to guide women to become + feel their most beautiful selves!

My goal is to connect with each beautiful client that walks into my doors with friendship that will help them feel comfortable and confident both inside and out ♡

HI, I'm Maria





My name is Maria Carroll and I am amazing!

Are you looking for a new career or a new place to call home for your lash and permanent makeup services? Well..... We are looking for someone who wants to be part of the BEST team and who is open for growth in the beauty industry! Email maria@maxbeautyacademy.com

Hello, I am Akaila Allen, an Aesthetician and Lash Artist,. My journey in the beauty industry started back in 2016 working at Sephora, and in 2019, I proudly graduated from Penrose Academy. What truly fuels my passion is the meaningful connections I create with my clients. Its more than aesthetics-- Its's about instilling confidence and bringing out the unique beauty in each person.

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Have you been thinking about starting your own beauty business but just don't know where to even start?
Max Beauty Academy is now offering training courses to help mentor & train YOU to do just that!

I’m here to provide you with more than just an average Eyebrow or Eye Lash Extension Course. This customized program provides you with the hands-on tools needed to become a successful beauty artist while obtaining long-term guidance toward building your dream business. I will teach you how to grasp the career flexibility you’ve always wanted all while gaining the certification to get you started on your career path.  Finally become your own boss with a like minded community of empowering women who are on this beautiful journey with you!

Max Beauty Academy

Look for upcoming trainings for Max Beauty Academy!

You deserve
to show up          confident &
feel beautiful

Max Beauty is the place for professional permanent makeup services & training.
From the moment you enter our salon, you’ll experience a unique sense of home for your all your beauty needs. You’ll be greeted warmly, the comforts of luxury and uninterrupted “me time” inviting you further in. We are here to make YOU feel like the strong and confident woman you are. And when you leave, you’ll feel empowered to take on the world.

Max Beauty believes that....

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